AFL Masters Legends & Hall of Fame

You will find a welcoming atmosphere at AFLM clubs with an emphasis on family involvement and fun social interaction.
Social interaction is also a very important feature of AFL Masters for all participants.

AFL Masters Hall of Fame & Legends

Year Inducted  Hall of Fame Legends
2023 Gary Wilson (VIC)
• Chris Lyndon (NT)
• Lawrie ‘Snowy’ Keating (TAS)
• Roy Baehnisch (NT)


Anthony Lovett (VicC)

Bryan ‘Minnsy’ Minns (NSW)

• Deb Prior (SA)

• Dominic Sita (VicM)


• Gail Dykes (Tas)

• Ian Fletcher (VicM)


• Charlie Adornetto (Vic Country)

Steve Burchill (Qld)

• Peter “Doc” Clements (Tas)

• Steve McGee (Vic Country)

Garry Ross (WA)

• Brenton Wortley (SA)

• Peter Coffey (WA)

• Ian Walter (Vic Country)

2020 Carnival Postponed
2019 • Wayne “Cannon” Hall (VIC C)
• “Doc” Joe Juhasz (VIC M)
• Ollie Matthews (VIC C)
• Rosco McGorman (NT)
2018 • Colin Bartlett (VIC M)
• Ray Hocking (VIC C) (UMPIRE)
• Laurie Lyttleton (NSW)
• Steve Eurell (NSW)
2017 • Derek Delany (QLD)
• Norman Harbourd (VIC M) (UMPIRE)
• Tom Williams (VIC C)
Kim Cowan (NT)
2016 •Phillip Wiesch (NSW) (dec.)
•Steve Parsell (TAS)
2015 Brian Pollock (NSW)
Curtis Ward (Tas)
•John Rutherford (SA)
•Angus Adams (TAS)
2014 •Roy Baehnisch (NT)
Neville Clarke (WA)
•Chris Guice (QLD)
•Brian Stirling (ACT)
•Peter Ward (Vic Metro)
2013 •Mark Doyle (SA)
•Michael Lewis (VIC C)
•Barney Noonan (NT)
•Geoff Lance (Vic M)
•Boyd Warrilow (WA)
2012 •Peter Coffey (WA)
•Allan Matthews (VIC M)
•Bruce Midson (QLD)
•Rob Nisbet (ACT) (Dec.)
•Bill McDonald (SA)
•Titch Edwards (Tas)
•Bob Stevens (Vic C)
•Noel Wenzlau (Vic C)
2011 •Kim Cowan (NT)
Sam Grasso (NSW)
•Peter Ward (VIC M)(Dec.)
•Marty Rayner (QLD)(Dec.)
2010 •Lou Cailotto (SA)
•Ian Fletcher (VIC M)
•Peter Parsons (TAS)
2009 •Gary Mitchell (QLD)(Dec.)
Roscoe McGorman (NT)
•Don Dykes (TAS)
•Gail Dykes (TAS)
•Russell Armstrong (NSW)
2008 •Ian Walter (VIC C)
•Nippie Nie (WA)
•Deb Fisher (SA)
•Wolf Steensen (QLD)(Dec.)
•Kevin Patmore (TAS)
2007 •Rick Charlesworth (SA)
•Chris Spencer (VIC M)
•Theo Haughan (NSW)
2006 •Lawrie Evans (VIC C)(Dec.)
•Alex McRae (QLD)
•Clarry Fisher (SA)
2005 •Leon Fennell (NT)
•Mick Guerin (SA)
2004 Ollie Mathews (VIC M)
•John Rutherford (SA)
•Peter Jones (WA)
2003 •Hugh Barker (SA)
2002 •Geoff Lance (VIC M)
•Darrly Ogg (WA)(Dec.)
2001 •Tim Gleeson (QLD)
•Col Withy (SA)
2000 •Brian Thompson (WA)
•Bill Powell (NSW)
1999 •Mike Adams (WA)
•Warren Finger (NSW)
•Angus Adams (TAS)
•Bryan Moroney (NT)
•Bob Stephens (VIC C)
1998 •Robert Cannan (SA)
•Peter Styles (TAS)
•Bruce Arlow (WA)
•Noel Wenzlau (VIC C)
•Jim McSweeney (NSW)
1997 •Mick Morrow (VIC C)
•Brian Stirling (ACT)
•Doug Jones (QLD)
•Tony Matthews (VIC M)
•Boyd Warrilow (WA)
•Bill McDonald (SA)
•Barry Edwards (TAS)
•Herman Rooding (NT)
•Steve Eurell (NSW)