What to Expect

The AFL Masters “Footy for Fun” brand of football provides an extended pathway for players who would like to continue to play Australian Rules Football with similarly aged players in a safe, well organised and enjoyable atmosphere. AFL Masters also welcomes beginners who are only just discovering our great game.

The opportunity to participate at a club level, maintain fitness and above all enjoy your footy is the main motivation for players. Although we all love to win, at this stage of our football journey, the social interaction and camaraderie between all teams, players, supporters and families is emphasised.

There are clubs throughout Australia who play games every second weekend during the season (typically a Sunday). The fortnightly schedule allows for recovery time between games and also gives players and families plenty of time to themselves.

Difference between Seniors and Masters

Senior football as it is called is a very competitive game of must win ideology.

Masters is “Footy for Fun”, where the game is more important than winning. Masters is more family orientated and the camaraderie built is lifelong.

AFL Masters is football that is designed to allow mature players the opportunity to participate safely in our great game and to compete with similarly aged players. The opportunity to participate, to compete, to be physically active, healthy and fit is the main motivation of the players in our competition.

For the full version of AFL Masters National Carnival Rules including any modifications or exemptions please visit here.

Focus Participation and fun Performance
How often we play (typically) Fortnightly Weekly
How often we train (typically) Weekly Twice weekly
Official scoring No, although some local competitions may keep scores. Yes
Official finals No, although some local competitions may play finals. Yes
Representative games National carnival with state teams competing, played for points and divisional/age championships No
Rule modifications No knees up in the ruck or a marking contest Raised legs allowed
Ball up Centre bounce
Legal side bump or legal tackle (between knee and shoulder) is the only permitted contact. A stronger emphasis on eliminating all forms of rough contact (i.e., no shirtfronts) Full contact
All teams must have the same amount of players on the field at all times – opposition offers players from the interchange if a side is short No equalization of player numbers on the field


For the full version of AFL Masters National Carnival Rules including any modifications or exemptions please visit here.