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Welcome to AFL Masters for Umpires. AFL Masters is a great place for any aspiring or established umpire to get involved in the great game of Australian Football.

Read the Modified Rules of Play for AFL Masters.
For more than 40 years umpires have made a massive contribution to AFL Masters. Since its inception as Superules in 1980, umpires have contributed to the classic Masters “Footy for Fun” experience.

AFL Masters has a national standardised set of modified rules designed to reduce the risks of injury and has the benefit of being acknowledged and supported by the AFL and Sport Australia.

Umpires from all states and territories are welcome at the National Carnival. That includes, Field, Boundary and Goal. Umpires at the National Carnival need to be a minimum age of 14yo – anyone over that age can umpire AFL Masters.
Field Umpires need a minimum level of accreditation, which can be accessed through the AFL Umpiring Department:

National Director of Umpiring

“Welcome to the AFL Masters umpires information hub!”

“These pages are here to provide our prospective and current umpires with information about participating in AFL Masters and umpiring at the National Carnival. Have a look around to find out what umpiring AFL Masters football is like, and apply to become a Masters umpire. Or contact your local umpiring coordinator if you need more info.

“One of the great things about AFL Masters football is that it’s ‘Footy for Fun!’ which means it can be less stressful than other organised competitions. We also offer plenty of support for our umpires, the environment is friendly and all participants in AFL Masters respect and acknowledge the important contribution all our umpires make.”


Umpiring at the 2023 Sunshine Coast AFL Masters National Carnival

The Adelaide Carnival is shaping up to be huge. It will have been 3 years since all States and Territories have participated, we have umpires travelling from all areas of Australia and locally to participate.  If you would like to participate as an umpire, you can register here via our PlayHQ registration site and we will link to your OfficialsHQ profile.

Carnival Umpiring is a bit different than Umpiring in Local Masters Competitions, with teams representing all States and Territories. The football steps up somewhat and there is more at stake. Of course, it is still “Football for Fun”, however teams play for points and at the end of the Carnival there are Divisional Champions, Best & Fairest, and All Australians named throughout all Age Groups. Umpires need to hold at least a current Level 1 Accreditation or higher and be able to demonstrate a level of competence to participate. Umpires 14 years and over can participate, and we have a responsibility to provide competent umpires who are up to the task and umpiring matches within their capabilities.

Field Umpires need a minimum level of accreditation, which can be accessed through the AFL Umpiring Department:

Frequently Asked Questions

Need to know more before joining AFL Masters? Below are some answers to commonly asked questions you may find helpful.

How do I become an AFL Masters umpire?

Easy! Just click on the State or Territory Logo at the top of this page, or go to our Contacts page, and the State or Territory association will put you in touch with their local Umpiring Manager/Coordinator.  Our National Umpiring Director, Chris Guice will also be able to direct you.

Are there any age requirements for AFL Masters umpires?

Umpires must be a minimum 14 years old to umpire AFL Masters. Field Umpires must hold a Minimum Introduction Accreditation. This can be accessed via or contact your State or Territory AFL Masters Body and they shall guide you. We also have Goal and Boundary Umpires positions as well.

Do you have any modified rules?

AFL Masters is modified slightly to promote enjoyment of the game and minimise injuries. The major modifications aim to reduce rough physical contact and increase the fun factor. More info on the rule modifications can be found on our What to Expect page and Rules of Play page.

What will it cost me to umpire?

It does not cost anything to Umpire AFL Masters, in fact we pay you! The pay rates for matches at National Carnivals are available to all umpires, including field, boundary and goal from the Umpiring Management Team. For local AFL Masters matches, from the Controlling Body.

How can I umpire at the 2022 AFL Masters National Carnival?

If you would like to participate as an umpire in Adelaide, you can register here via our PlayHQ registration site and we will link to your OfficialsHQ profile.

AFL rules are modified for AFL Masters

Read our Modified Rules
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