AFL Masters Umpires - Profiles & Participation

Find out more about what umpiring at the National Carnival involves, and meet some our great umpiring fraternity.

The contribution by our Carnival Umpires is much valued and respected, and over many years we have had a dedicated group of travelling umpires. We also welcome all first carnival umpires, and it has been the case once they experience a carnival they are hooked and look forward to many more to come.

AFL Masters through the National Board, Director of Umpiring, and State and Territory Presidents are fully supportive of our umpiring group, they are committed to all our umpires having a positive and enjoyable experience. We pride ourselves in looking after our umpires and understand the important role they play in the success of the carnival.

The age of our umpires varies dramatically, anything from 14 to well over 70. Some of younger umpires have gone on to umpire AFL and always hold good memories from their AFL Masters experience.

Umpires of all ages get the opportunity to meet and run with fellow umpires from all around the Country – they form friendships and bonds that stay forever.

Year National Carnival Umpires Manager
2023 Ollie Matthews
2022 Chris Guice
2021 Chris Guice
2020 Chris Guice
2019 Chris Guice
2018 Ray Hocking/Chris Guice
2017 Ray Hocking
2016 Chris Guice
2015 Chris Guice
2014 Greg Day
2013 Chris Guice
2012 Chris Guice
2011 Chris Guice
2010 Ray Hocking
2009 Ray Hocking
2008 Ray Hocking
2007 Ray Hocking
2006 Ray Hocking
2005 Ray Hocking
2004 Ray Hocking
2003 Ray Hocking
2002 Ray Hocking
2001 Ray Hocking
2000 Ray Hocking
1999 Ray Hocking
1998 Ray Hocking
1997 Ray Hocking

Prior to 1997 the local umpires managed the carnival umpires. 1997 was the first time the National Board appointed a carnival umpiring manager.

Ray Hocking, the man behind the Medal.  

The award for best umpire at the National Carnival has been presented since 2011, and in 2019 this award was re-named the Ray Hocking Medal.

Ray’s first carnival was in 1991 at Darwin, and he has subsequently attended 23 National Carnivals and umpired more than 50 grand finals throughout his umpiring career. He is a Life Member of Vic Country, and was awarded AFL Masters Life Membership in 2007.

Ray lists his favourite National Carnival experience as the 1999 Division 1 Superules Grand Final between Vic Metro and Tasmania in Darwin, and is one of only four umpires to have officiated more than 150 games at AFL Masters National Carnivals.


Umpire Profiles

Umpires add character and history to our great game. Learn a bit more about the whistle-blowers in our umpire profiles:

Chris Guice
Age: 66
Year Commended Masters: 1992
Current Position (if applicable): AFL Masters National Director of Umpiring
Umpiring Discipline: Field
National Carnivals Attended: 22
Favourite AFL Team: Essendon
Favourite AFL Player, all time and/or current” All Time: Bruce Doull, Current: Max Gawn
Career Umpiring Highlight: AFL London Premier League Grand Final (for the uniqueness of it being on the other side of the world)
Day Job: Airside Trainer (Retired)
Favourite National Carnival Experience: The Football Mateship
Something we should know about you we might not: Once a Professional Musician (Drummer) who is listed in the Who’s Who of Australian Rock
AFL Masters Achievements: AFL Masters National Hall of Fame Member
National Carnival Masters Div 1 Best & Fairest (1996 Adelaide)
4x All Australian
6x International Rules Tours, 4x as Australian Umpire
First Captain of Australian Wombats International Rules Team
Umpired more than 150 National Carnival Matches
Queensland Masters Team of the First Millennium Centre Half Back
Coached Queensland Over 40’s
Captained Queensland
Multiple Queensland Masters and Country Carnival Best & Fairest
Queensland Masters Past President, Operations & Umpire Manager
Currently Queensland Masters Tribunal Chairperson



Ollie Matthews
Age: 72
Year Commended Masters: 1984
Umpiring Discipline: Field/Goal
National Carnivals Attended: 33
Favourite AFL Team: Collingwood
Favourite AFL Player, all time and/or current: Graeme Fellows/Taylor Adams
Career Umpiring Highlight: 6x RDFNL ‘A’ Grade Grand Finals
Day Job: OH&S Manager
Favourite National Carnival Experience: Darwin 2019 – driving eight players around in a mini moke. Umpiring AFL Masters Game at Magnetic Island in 2019.
Something we should know about you we might not: Have umpired 1,560 games in the RDFNL
AFL Masters Achievements: All Australian 1984 and 2015
Inducted into the Hall of Fame – 2004
Inducted into the AFL Masters as a “Legend’ in 2019



Katrina Orr
Age: 46
Queensland (for now ?)
Year Commended Masters: 2016
Current Position (if applicable): On the executive for the AFL Townsville Umpiring Group.
Umpiring Discipline: Goals
National Carnivals Attended: 4
Favourite AFL Team: Carlton. It’s been a long time between drinks!
Favourite AFL Player, all time and/or current: Eddie Betts, I have a soft spot for his club culture.
Career Umpiring Highlight: Week to week making the right calls whether in the juniors or senior comp.
Day Job: Funny enough, a call centre.
Favourite National Carnival Experience: Stirring Kenny.
Something we should know about you we might not: I appreciate a fine wine ?
AFL Masters Achievements: Meeting great people with the common interest.



Stephen Dalziel
Age: 70
Year Commended Masters: Played in my mid 30s, started umpiring in my early 50s at Cairns in 2010.
Current Position (if applicable): Have managed one of our venues at successive Carnivals.
Umpiring Discipline: Field, but happy to help with Goal and Boundary also.
National Carnivals Attended: 9
Favourite AFL Team: Brisbane Lions
Favourite AFL Player, all time and/or current: All time Michael Voss, Current Daniel Rich.
Career Umpiring Highlight: Masters Asia Tour 2011, umpired Aus V Singapore, Vietnam and Malaysia.
Day Job: Retired former journalist. Worked for a Mayor, four State Premiers (all persuasions), Director Generals of Govt Depts, Crime and Misconduct Commission, Group Manager and Snenior Consultant at four media organisations, Hon Sec/Treasurer of PRIA Queensland.
Favourite National Carnival Experience: Mateship with friends around the country, going to different States.
Something we should know about you we might not: Represented Australia twice in Age Group Triathlons, first place overall points in three Series Queensland Triathlons, Life Member of two sporting clubs, volunteered a hell of a lot over many years for sporting clubs and professional organisations, coached and recruited junior umpires for many years.
AFL Masters Achievements: Umpired for nine years for two clubs, two games a day, usually 35s and over 45s, fitted this in with umpiring juniors, seniors, 9-a-side, etc.
Encouraged umpires to come to Carnivals and enjoy Football for Fun.
Helped process paperwork for umpires at many carnivals.



Wayne Scanlon
Age: 76
Vic Country
Year Commended Masters: 2005 (Adelaide)
Umpiring Discipline: Field and later Goal
National Carnivals Attended: 14
Favourite AFL Team: Richmond
Favourite AFL Player, all time and/or current: Michael Tuck
Career Umpiring Highlight: Umpiring the Bicentennial 1988 Ballarat Miners vs Ararat Diggers with players and Umpires in Period Dress, old style long pants, shirts, and hats.
Day Job: Retired
Favourite National Carnival Experience: Catching up with old and new friends
Something we should know about you we might not: Umpiring with Ballarat Umpires for 41 years. In my spare time helps street kids obtain their drivers licences.
AFL Masters Achievements: Just being a part of the entire AFL Masters Family