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Welcome to Women's AFL Masters. AFL Masters is for any female aged 35 and over who wants to play and train in a local AFL Masters women's team throughout Australia.

Over the past 5 years Women’s Masters AFL has attracted players up to 68 years old with a wide range of skill level coming together to enjoy the classic Masters “Footy for Fun” experience.

AFLM has a national standardised set of modified rules designed to reduce the risks of injury and has the benefit of being acknowledged and supported by the AFL and the Australian Sports Commission.

While Vic Metro and WA are leading the way with local women’s competitions, players from all states are welcome at the National Carnival.

The current National carnival entry age is 35.

In 2022 the National Carnival will have two options on offer in the women’s competition, including an Over 35 division and an Over 40 division.

AFL Masters Patron Susan Alberti AC

“I am delighted to be the patron of the Women’s AFL Masters National Carnival.”

“Early in life I developed a love of AFL football. It has brought my family and I much pleasure. In recent years I have also enjoyed supporting the development of Women’s AFL and we could not be more delighted with the development of the national AFL Women’s League, which provides exemplary promotion and provides us with wonderful role models for young girls.

“We now have pathways for female players to play from junior to elite and then onto Master’s football for those of you who love the game, want to stay fit and healthy and don’t want to give it away as you travel through life’s exciting journey.”

Susan Alberti AC

Special event - Coming in 2022

Ladies 35 and over are invited to join your state team to play at the National Masters AFL carnival in Adelaide.

SA is pulling out all stops to offer an exceptional carnival with top quality fields, accommodation options and plenty of family friendly activities and tourist attractions.

So, there will be plenty of fun both on and off the field!

Frequently Asked Questions

Need to know more before joining AFL Masters? Below are some answers to commonly asked questions you may find helpful.

How do I join AFL Masters?

Easy! Just head over to the Find a Club section of our website, and get in touch with your local State Association, who will be able to put you in touch with the nearest AFLM team.

Are there any playing age requirements?

Generally, you need to be 35 years or older to play, but some local teams may allow younger players to participate in certain situations. To play in the National Carnival, players must turn 35 years or older in that current year.

Do you have any modified rules?

AFL Masters is modified slightly to promote enjoyment of the game and minimise injuries. The major modifications aim to reduce rough physical contact and increase the fun factor. More info on the rule modifications can be found on our What to Expect page and Rules of Play page.

What will it cost me to play?

Costs vary depending on your local team or association. Generally, there is a small registration fee, plus a match fee for game days, to help cover insurance and ground hire, equipment costs, and other incidental fees. The National Carnival requires players to pay a registration fee, and they may also need to purchase merchandise such as playing jumpers, shorts and socks for the carnival.

AFL rules are modified for AFL Masters

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