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AFL Masters QuickKick Contacts & Where to Register for QuickKick

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Organisation Development Officer Telephone Email  QuickKick Registration Website Facebook Page
AFLM National Cath Quinn 0438 800 690 AFL Masters QuickKick National
Australian Capital Territory [ACT] Andi McGee 0407 686 716 AFL Masters QuickKick ACT
New South Wales [NSW] Bryan Minns

Matt Crowe

0406 856 685

0417 586 761 AFL Masters QuickKick NSW QuickKick NSW Facebook
Northern Territory [NT] Andrea Lima 0422 216 296 AFL Masters QuickKick NT
Queensland [QLD] Alera Heyward 0438 315 709 AFL Masters QuickKick QLD QuickKick QLD Facebook
South Australia [SA] Kelly Foreman 0431 740 296 AFL Masters QuickKick SA QuickKick SA Facebook
Tasmania [TAS] Declan Kohl 0418 463 774 AFL Masters QuickKick TAS QuickKick TAS Facebook
Victoria – Metro [VM] Sue Emery 0406 104 029 AFL Masters QuickKick VM QuickKick VM Facebook
Victoria – Country [VC] Kirsten Naylor 0418 395 688 AFL Masters QuickKick VC
Western Australia [WA] Trish Medwin 0415 183 865 AFL Masters QuickKick WA QuickKick WA Facebook
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Welcome to AFL Masters QuickKick. QuickKick is an introductory program for women aged 35 and over who want to learn how to play footy throughout Australia.

AFL Masters QuickKick is an entry level program for women aged 35 and over who want to play footy. Safe, friendly and casual, six (6) QuickKick sessions are just $30 and held weekly or fortnightly in all States and Territories. They are designed to teach the basic skills of football (marking, kicking, handpassing) as well as the rules of the game.

Held across the nation, QuickKick is a fun, relaxed gathering of like-minded women who have always wanted to give footy a go but never got the chance when they were younger.

QuickKick is the first stage of our Women's Participation project, a five-level national program – from grassroots to international - aimed to encourage middle-aged/older women (35 and over) to safely participate in Australian Football. The project was established in January 2022 thanks to seed funding via a Sport Australia grant to assist AFL Masters increase the participation rate of women playing our great code.

The objective of the project is to deliver a sport that is inclusive, fun, safe and provides a sense of belonging to participants. Inspired by the AFL’s successful Auskick program, we aim to provide a cost-attractive option for those seeking either physical fitness or social interaction amongst aged-peers whilst also developing the next generation of coaches.

With women’s Masters representative football first played at the AFL Masters National Carnival in 2016. QuickKick - and the Women's Participation project in general - builds on these initial foundations laid six years ago.

The AFL Masters QuickKick program is being delivered across all 9 AFL Masters member bodies in a flexible format dependent on the level of football maturity of each State/Territory (as determined by the National and State/Territory Development Officers). Of utmost importance, our aim is that the delivery is culturally appropriate and involves regular community consultation.

Fun, safe and inclusive, our QuickKick clinics are designed to awaken your inner footballer! No skills or experience needed ... just a can do attitude, a smile and a sense of fun.

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Limited Introductory Offer

Registration for six (6) sessions of AFL Masters QuickKick is just $30.
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Women's Patron Susan Alberti AC

“Early in life I developed a love of AFL football. It has brought my family and I much pleasure. In recent years I have also enjoyed supporting the development of Women’s AFL and we could not be more delighted with the development of the AFLW, which provides exemplary promotion and provides us with wonderful role models for young girls.”

“As a former director of the Western Bulldogs for twelve years and Western Bulldogs Vice President for three years, I know that football brings about wonderful camaraderie and lifelong friendships. We now have pathways for female players to play from junior to elite and then onto Master’s football for those of you who love the game, want to stay fit and healthy and don’t want to give it away as you travel through life’s exciting journey.”

“I hope that this AFL Masters QuickKick initiative will lead to substantially increased participation across the nation for Women’s AFL Masters resulting in the creation of new friendships and the continuation of a long-lasting enjoyment that sport can provide.”

Susan Alberti AC – AFL Masters Women’s Patron

Frequently Asked Questions

Need to know more before joining AFL Masters QuickKick? Below are some answers to commonly asked questions you may find helpful.

How do I join AFL Masters QuickKick?

Registration links are in the contacts table for each State or Territory above. Or head over to the main QuickKick Registration page and select the State or Territory that you live in. You will need to create a new account in the Play HQ registration system but the whole registration process will take less than 5 minutes.

Is there any physical contact in AFL Masters QuickKick?

No.  AFL Masters QuickKick is designed to be fun and safe.  There is no tackling in this introductory level. The focus is teaching participants the basics skills of playing footy and have fun.  At the second stage, we will introduce some match simulation but again without any tackling to encourage learning of the intracies of the game without the fear of getting hurt.

Are there any playing age requirements for QuickKick?

Generally, you need to be 35 years or older to participate, but some local teams may allow younger players to participate in certain situations. To play in the National Carnival, players must turn 35 years or older in that current year.

What are the five stages of the National Program for women?

QuickKick (Level 1), Footy for Fun (Level 2), Local Club matches (Level 3), State/Territory representation at the AFL Masters National Carnival (Level 4), AFL Masters Australian Women’s team (Level 5)

What will it cost me to play QuickKick?

The registration fee for 6 QuickKick sessions (Level 1) is just $30.  Once you have developed the basic skills and you are ready to progress to club level (Level 3), playing costs vary depending on your local team or association. Generally, there is a small registration fee, plus a match fee for game days, to help cover insurance and ground hire, equipment costs, and other incidental fees. The National Carnival (Level 4) requires players to pay a registration fee, and they may also need to purchase merchandise such as playing jumpers, shorts and socks for the carnival.

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